Friday, February 24, 2012

Many, Many Thanks

Though we may enjoy the fun times that snow brings, this past storm left a lot of debris in its wake.  Thank you to all the people who helped clear some of the fallen branches both small and large from the Glenridge property.

Thanks to the following families: Newlon, Long, Masterson, Reich, Dougherty, Hyler-Janea, Tang, Hillberry, Holz, Garrett.

Thanks to the students and former students: TJ Masterson, Garik Schwabel, Mary Newlon, Kayla Newson, Angelina Hyler, Isabel Janea, Kenner Newlon, William Dougherty, Brandon Tang, and Evan Hillberry.

Thanks to these future students: Josiah Long, Ryan Hillberry and Teagon Long.

Thanks to the good samaritan: Austin Long of Tahoma Middle School.

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