Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What is the Green Team?

Glenridge Green Team volunteers in grades 3-6 help with lunchroom recycling, printer paper recycling, educational posters, energy conservation, water conservation, pollution reduction, assemblies, juice bags for cash, and gardening. Last year, King County Green School Program awarded us a Level 1 Certificate! In April we planted an edge section of the flagpole planter in a mix of perennial and annual edible plants. This year we hope to add a new section of plants in a planter in the back courtyard. In an Earth Day Assembly last year we showed examples of reused items, but this year we are making our own fun upcycling projects, including paper beads, toys, and reusable sandwich bags. Donations and volunteers are always welcome! Contact one of our advisors, Lorena Long in the office or custodian, Lisa Garrett. 253-373-7494

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