Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Glenridge Art Night 06-04-15

  • Come see the art your students have created under the guidance of the Art Docent* program!
  • Have a snack!
  • Participate in art activities!
  • Take home some new books for summer reading! Items priced at $1 or less.  Cash only.
It should be a very fun night we hope to see you there!

*What is the Art Docent Program?

In cooperation with The Interurban Center for the Arts (sponsored by the Green River Community College Foundation), Glenridge PTO volunteers provide monthly art lessons to all of our students. The Art Docent program at Glenridge gives our students an opportunity to learn about different artists and works of art from different cultures. During the 2014-2015 school year, students have learned about Persian Literature, Paul Gauguin, Native American Mimbres, Diego Rivera, Southern Sung Dynasty, Ulua Valley Honduras, the White Mountain Apache, and the Yoruba People of Nigeria.

We want to thank all of our volunteers and we welcome new volunteers at any time. Parents and other relatives are welcome to volunteer to teach these monthly lessons. Our students are very lucky to have this opportunity. Art work is displayed all year throughout our hallways and will be gathered and rehung for a  special Art Night, to showcase some of the best work from the year. 

Want to be part of this fabulous group next year?  Find out more at Glenridge Art Night or contact the PTO for more information.

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