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Meeting Minutes - November 8, 2012

Meeting Minutes


Date: Thursday, November 08, 2012

Location: Glenridge Library Meeting Called to Order By: Heather Reich, President

Attendance: Suzanne Green, Christy Caravaglio, Julie Salazar, Ann Reed, Beth Hillberry, Carmelita Janea, Scott Abernathy, Jessamine Songheng, Lauren Paz, Heather Reich, Stacie Masterson, and CJ Castro

Minutes: Minutes of October 9 meeting read and accepted

Treasurer Report
• Reviewed and accepted. Ending balance $4,085.11
• Per Beth’s request, the budget was reviewed and modified for PTO
          – Remove the following lines
                   • Auction

                   • Leadership Training/Reprsntn section
                   • Convention, Misc. Publications/Workbooks, and Workshops
                   • Founders Day
                   • Past President’s Pin
                   • Principal/President Luncheon
          – Change‘WebsiteMaintenance’amountto$10
          – Change ‘Awards – WSPTA Fin Grant’ to ‘ Golden Acorn and amount from $250 to $200

President’s Report
• Fall Carnival and Book fair was successful 

Principal’s Report
• Thanks to volunteers for Book fair, Fall Carnival and Staff Dinner 
• 2 Hour Late Start on Wednesday (during which staff will go through training with Kathy Richardson) 

Committee Reports
• Fundraising – Entertainment Books Sales incentive is sell 2, get one free through the end of November
          – Sales kits go home instead of sending a book home with each student; makes distribution easier 
          – Sell 6 books and you’ll get time in the money machine
          – Prize will be a lanyard where you can collect different ducks for every book sold 
          – Teachers will receive a complimentary book
          – Flyers go out this Friday

• Drama – starts in January with practice three times a week 

• Santa Breakfast Bingo – serving bagels, donuts, fruit, juice, coffee
          – Will need staff volunteers; need to solicit gifts for bingo prizes; need Santa 
          – Mr. Abernathy will read a story, will ask Choir to sing songs 

• Adopt a Family – CJ Castro is asking to solicit monetary donations of $15 to $20 to create gift baskets for homeless youth 

• Smart with Art – Michelle Dutton to teach a structured art Holiday Workshop where kids make gifts; more information to come 

• Movie Night - $300 annual fee covers the teachers to show movies as well as PTO movie nights
          – Majority requested to renew 

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:05pm 

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