Friday, January 4, 2013

Meeting Minutes - October 9, 2012 - Part 2 PTO

Meeting Minutes


Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Location: Glenridge Library Meeting Called to Order By: Heather Reich, President

Attendance: Lauren Paz, Heather Reich, Suzanne Green, Beth Hillberry, Tayla Parker, Christy Caravaglio, Julie Salazar, Tina Rodgers, Stacie Masterson, Rebecca Winbauer, Ann Whalen, Scott Seelbach, Stacy Hynek, Kris Kaeding, Christine Barry, John Barry, CJ Castro, Molly Weller, and Scott Abernathy

Minutes: Minutes of September 11 meeting read and accepted

Treasurer Report
Reviewed and accepted. Ending balance $551.26

President’s Report
We are officially a PTO now and we hope to carry on with all the PTSA events. General public should not expect to see any changes other than the name of our group.

Principal’s Report
  • 457 students project, 479 actual students.
  • It’s been a busy start. Soon will be Fall Carnival and conferences.
  • School Improvement Team meeting discussed KSD’s creation of the Family Engagement Task Force to raise student achievement. They created a set of requirements with goals of parental engagement through programs and budgets. 2 year commitment, monthly meetings – recruiting volunteers to serve on this team. If you know anyone, please have them contact Scott Abernathy. The district would like 20-30 parents to join the committee (out of 29 elementary schools in the district). They hope to represent the five top languages spoken in KSD. Tentative first meeting in late October or early November; no location, date, or time confirmed yet.

Committee Reports

  • Book fair – schedule was passed around to volunteers to sign up. Need more volunteers. Teachers can be “bouncers” to make sure backpacks remain outside of the library. Set- up on 10/19 and Book fair open during conference week. Volunteers receive a $5 coupon toward their purchase.
  • Fall Carnival – Julie Salazar contacted Fred Meyer for possible donation, but not sure if they will reply in time for the event.
  • Staff Appreciation and Movie Night – Tuesday night of conference week; Heather will head-up, but asking for desserts or salads.
  • Sally Foster – fundraiser ended October 4th, but will take orders up until November 6th for the late submissions
  • Drama – starts in January 2013, more information to come
  • Teacher Wish Lists – it was suggested that we print hard copies for each class to get more people to respond; Generic lists will be posted online for general donations

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:02pm 

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