Friday, January 4, 2013

Meeting Minutes - October 9, 2012 - Part 1 PTSA

Meeting Minutes


Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Location: Glenridge Library Meeting Called to Order By: Heather Reich, President

Attendance: Lauren Paz, Maureen Monson, Heather Reich, Suzanne Green, Beth Hillberry, Tayla Parker, Christy Caravaglio, Julie Salazar, Tina Rodgers, Stacie Masterson, Stacy Hynek, Scott Seelbach, Rebecca Winbauer, Kris Kaeding, Ann Whalen, Christine Barry, John Barry, Jamie Abernathy, Lorena Long, Sharon Pfuff, Sue Crissey, CJ Castro, Molly Weller, and Scott Abernathy

Minutes: Minutes of September 11 meeting read and accepted

Old Business

Members voted to dissolve the Glenridge PTSA. Maureen Monson from Washington State PTA was present to witness the vote. All money and property will roll to PTO and all financials, forms, and etc. will leave with Maureen Monson, Washington State PTA.

KAC expressed their sadness that PTSA has chosen to dissolve, but they support our efforts as long we continue to support the children.

Attendance of last year’s membership was 14. Carmelita Janea motioned to dissolve the Glenridge PTSA. Heather Reich seconded the motion and Stacie Masterson motioned to accept. All 14 members voted to dissolve with zero votes against. Maureen Monson acknowledged that the Glenridge PTSA is now dissolved. 

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