Saturday, June 15, 2013

Congratulations, Mighty Milers!

The year has come to an end and the miles have been tallied!  So many awards were earned. Great job, everybody!

Congratulations for running more than 26 miles - more than a marathon - and earning a medal: to Jennie, Sham, Davyd, Gino, McKenzie, Brianna, Jahbaaz, Liliya, Mark, Jason, Aya, Jericho, Esther, Evan, Matthew, Kaylee, Anthony, Nawal and Nasteho.

Congratulations for running between 35 and 54 miles earning a medal and a t-shirt: to Jovanie, Lisa, Tobias, Thao, Dallin, Lezlen, Sakaria, Kahlil, Daneel, Aryan, Emma, Imraa, Emily, Melissa, Tiana, Connie, Samuel, Hoda, Grace, Nicholas, Ruslana Britney, Erick, Rohan, Kayla and Jacob.

Congratulations for running between 52 and 77 miles earning 2 medals and a t-shirt: to Jalen, Lianna, Hunerdeep, Myles, Samantha, Anna, Thompson, Gregory, James, Ethan, Mona, Ethan, Victoria, Christiensen, Melvin, Dillon, Shumoos and Mannar.

Congratulations for running between 78 and 88 miles earning 3 medals and a t-shirt: to Naama, Yusuf, Andrei, Jared and William.

Congratulations to Colin who ran 119.34 miles and earned 4 medals and a t-shirt.

Read more about the Mighty Milers at Glenridge here.

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