Sunday, September 24, 2017

National Box Tops Week

National Box Tops Week

Box Tops are a great way to earn cash to purchase important items for Glenridge, such as library books, new technology and so much more. To celebrate the first-ever National Box Tops for Education Week, September 24 – September 30, we’re holding an awareness campain to jump start our school’s earnings for the year. And we need your help! Our goal is to collect every single Box Top in the area. 
It’s easy! We also have the chance to DOUBLE our Box Tops fall earnings through a special sweepstakes as part of National Box Tops for Education Week, so it’s more important than ever.
Check out a full list of participating Box Tops products at, and start stocking up on Box Tops. Learn more about National Box Tops for Education Week at:
Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors.
Thank you for your support!

Send Emails

Send an email to family and friends to help make them aware of the money they may be throwing away!
A sample email could say:
"Every day more and more resources are taken away from public schools making the involvement of PTO's more important than ever. The Glenridge PTO is doing all they can to make a difference in the lives of our students, one way is collecting Box Tops for Education. Each of those little labels is worth 10¢ to our school! With 476 students enrolled, we can come together to make a BIG difference! Would you please take a minute and go through your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry to look for items with the Box Top logo, cut them out and get them to me or another Glenridge family? It would be appreciated not only by me but all of us at Glenridge."

Add a Facebook Frame

Show family and friends you are celebrating National Box Tops for Education Week by adding a Facebook frame to your profile picture!
  1. Hover over your profile picture and click 'Update Profile Picture'.
  2. In the popup select 'Add Frame'
  3. Type 'Box Tops for Education' in the search bar.
  4. Select a frame.
  5. Click 'Use as Profile Picture' in the bottom right-hand corner.
The default time period for a photo frame is one week - you can adjust this at the bottom of the popup.

* Look for other Glenridge frames throughout the year.

 Share our Facebook Picture

Write your own message about how you would be happy to take Box Tops from anyone who wants to clip labels and attach our handy facebook picture!

Collect Box Tops

Have the kids make a container to leave at work, community centers, with friends and relatives or in your own kitchen. It makes it easy to remember to save them and it will make turning them in a snap when they are already all in one place!

Bring in the Most

The student who brings in the most Box Tops this week (tickets will be counted daily) will be rewarded with an Inflatables wristband (a $10 value!) at our Fall Carnival on October 20th. Box Tops must be complete to count (they need to have the code in the upper left-hand corner and the whole expiration date) and have a valid expiration date. Winner will be contacted October 2.

Our Next Contest

The collecting doesn't end September 30th, Information about our next contest will be coming home on Friday! Earn free popcorn!

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